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  • IPMI Configuration on PE1955 Blade Servers

    Hi, Please could someone help me config IPMI on my blade PE1955 servers. My IPMI setup so far is: DELL chassis with 2 DELL gigabit pass-through Ethernet modules, only first module is used. 10 x DELL PE1955 blades, circa 2007/2008, all running Windows 7x64 OS (recently upgraded from Windows XPx64 OS)...
  • M610X blade hard drive was not powered on

    I loaded OMSA onto an M610X blade and it showed a warning on my virtual drive. It was marked as Degraded. When I drilled down on the virtual drive it only showed me one physical disk. When I visually checked the blade I noticed there were no lights on the drive, no error light/activity light and no power...