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The ac power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined


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The ac power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined

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Hi there

Hop this post finds you all well...

Immediately, after dell recommended (April 4) update for inspiron 24-7459, i got this massage:

"The ac power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined, Please connect to a Dell 130 W AC Adapter................."

The power adapter is the original (equipped with system).

I purchase it on Jan 22 2016, less than 80 days.

I cannot access my desktop, where i saved important files.

Any id what is the solution for this issue, How can i restore my system to a previous restore point . 

Your help will be appreciated.


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  • Hi, I've just updated by BIOS on my Inspiron 24-7459 and now can't load up Windows - I get a shutdown message on the warning screen. Everything was fine until I did the BIOS update / I can see any settings to bypass the error... What did you do to fix the issue? Thanks, Matt
  • Dear Frind...

    Despite the problem lasted several hours on that particular day, and it happened three or four times after, I made a lot of troubleshooting (trials/tests) to resolve. 

    Most are System power discharge, Power adapter/cord disconnect/connect trials, Voltage regulator measurement tests, Wall outlets switching trials, and Main power breaker reset trials.

    Finally, I discover that my trusted Power Regulator/stabilizer (STAC from Japan) is not getting along with my New Inspiron 24-7459, otherwise, it is working fine with my family Dell and Acer computers. 

    I connected it directly to the wall outlet using (Powermatic) surge suppressor instead of the STAC regulator, and since then its working fine. 

    The bottom line:

    1- The ac power adapter is sensitive.  

    2- Check the line for posable unclean electricity power.

    Hope this is beneficial and helpful for you all. 


    Jubail, Saudia Arabia