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VM unable to ping ESXI host (Dell M620)


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VM unable to ping ESXI host (Dell M620)

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Hello everybody,

Hope that some one can help use out with a strange issue we have.

We got a M1000E with 8 M620 in total.

The M1000E as 2 I/O aggrators connected to a total of 4 network switches (we have enable al ports on both the I/O agg).

On one M620 we now have ESXI 5.1 installed using the specific Dell image.

The VM runs fine but we are unable to ping the ESXI host (M620) from the VM that running on that host.

I think that this ping should not leave the M1000E because both parties are within this M1000E.

Has anybody else ever encounter this same issue?

The M1000E, I/O agg and M620 have the latest firmware installed.

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  • Sorry about the late reply, but I don't frequent the blade forums (I typically only browse the server and storage forums).

    In case you didn't resolve this yet, here are some things to check for.

    The IO aggregators expect a port-channel on the LAN/rack switches. Did you set that up? If each IOA is going to 2 switches, they need to be stacked or support a virtual port-channel across 2 switches (I know that Cisco has an option for this as well as Dell's 10Gbit Force10 switches, but other branded switches may offer it as well).

    Are you using any VLANs? The IOA out of the box is ready for all VLANs, but your LAN switches may need to tag the port-channel(s) for this to work. If your host (ESXi) management is on a different vlan than the VMs, then you probably also need a routing solution (on your LAN) between the VLANs.

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