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M1000e Fans running at high levels


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M1000e Fans running at high levels

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I noticed that several forums on the M1000e fans running at high levels. I've been having this same issues for over a year. With 7 M1000e enclosures it has become very irritating to work in our datacenter for extend period of time. Has anyone have this issue actually resolved? Each enclosure has 16 M620s and 4 ea M8024-k. CMC log shows that Switch-1 is requesting 93% of Fans all others are at 30%. This tends to be the same across all the blades. Previous service request # <ADMIN NOTE: service request number removed per privacy policy>

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  • Hello,

    I noticed similar behavior with blades m620. But after updating the CMC (5.01), BIOS (2.5.2), iDrac (2.10) and switch inside enclosure (I cant remember the version and model) the speed back to normal.