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M1000e Fans increase speed randomly


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M1000e Fans increase speed randomly

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In my M1000e chassis with only 5 M610 servers, sometimes the fans rotates in abnormal high speed. Especially in the evenings. The temperature in the datacenter is 17 to 21 degrees always. The server temperature is stable at 22 degrees. I dont know what is the cause of this abnormal rotation. There is no FW updates, no health check warnings. The highest fan speed was 9125 and at the calm time it was 65xx.

Is there any way to find out what cause this behaviour?

Thanks for your support.

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  • How many power supply do you have and how are they configured (grid redoundancy)?

    G11 server are not so energy efficient as the G12, maybe there is some peack in their usage?

  • Where can i check the grid redundancy? there are 6 power supplies and 9 fans

  • Go to Chassis Overview -> Power -> Configuration Tab and check Redundancy Policy. 

  • Yes, Redundancy policy is set to "Grid Redundancy".

  • Hi,

    Please provide the following information.

    IOM's in A,B,C fabric ?

    CMC version ?



  • Hi Karta, Thanks for your post.

    Here are the information.

    A1, A2: 1GBe (M6220)
    B1, B2: 10GBe (KR) passthrough
    C1, C2: 10GBe (KR) passthrough

    CMC version: 4.5