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SNMP on M1000e


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SNMP on M1000e

  • Hi All,

    Is there a way to get via SNMP and the CMC (firmware 1.10), the speed of the chassis fans, the ambient temp, and actual power consumption. These are all available via the web interface, however performing an snmpwalk (with the Dell MIBs from DCMIB54 loaded), all I can see is the whether the system reports each subsystem as okay or not.

    I can't post the results of the snmpwalk here (too large), but if helpful, I can put them on a personal webpage and send out a link.
  • Researching this ... sent a note off to product manager.
  • No, fan speeds are not currently in the CMC MIB, but overall Temperature and Fan "health" is.

    As of CMC 1.20, the MIB contains groups for:
    - product information (name, descr., manuf., version, service tag, URL, asset tag, location)
    - chassis/component status (current, previous, time of last change), ie:
    o Chassis/Global, IOM, KVM, Redundancy, Power, Fan, Blade, Temperature
    - Power reporting "details"
    o max specification, peak/min usage, aggregate/cumulative KWh, surplus, instantaneous Watts/Amps reading
    o power supplies: location, instantaneous volts/amps/watts
    Hope this helps,
    Armando Acosta
  • Thanks for the update. This is useful information.

    I'm sure you could guess my next question, Is there a timeline for the CMC 1.20 firmware?

    I think it would be helpful if the fan speeds and temperature reading could be added to a future revision, just my humble suggestion.