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  • Hi,
    One of our Costumer need equivalent for NEC FlexPower Server, Could you please advice me which of the DELL Server can meet his requirement.The server which i mentioned is diskless blade servers
  • Are they looking to boot from SAN or run ESXi. If you could give us a little more information, we can try to provide a solution that will meet your needs.
  • For sure they want to boot from SAN, The server which i mentioned is diskless blade servers, Customer want a similar to NEC FlexPower server.Please go through the specification of the server mentioned.
  • The FlexPower is geared towards the SMB space with a smaller form factor and 110V power. Unfortunately we don't have a similar offering. Our chassis is 220V only, which is typically the limiting factor in the smaller office space.

    You can build something out with 1U's, or if they go down the virtualization path, could design a solution that would likely use less power and space. What applications ? What storage ? What are the IO requirements ?

    If they are dead set on that form factor, will be a tough battle.