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Dell M1000e CMC

  • Can any you please help me, how to reasign the IP Address to CMC 1 card. i have assigned the IP initially, but found the status of cmc1 is acquiring the IP.

    Thanking you!
  • Don't quote me on it but I think you have to do it via the pull-out LCD
  • hahahahahaaha!

    would please tell me, how long u been looking after Dell?
  • Hi Sohail.khan,

    You can change the CMC Network settings using RACADM, the Web UI, or the LCD config wizard.

    For RACADM - and look under the 'Modifying the CMC IP Address' section.

    For Web UI - and look under 'Configuring the CMC Network Properties' section.

    For LCD - and look under 'Using the LCD Configuration Wizard' section.

    Let us know how it goes.