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TPC TC 2011

Benchmarking and Performance

Benchmarking and Performance
Discover how Dell servers score on industry standard benchmark tests such as SPEC, TPC, VMmark and others.

Benchmarking and Performance - Wiki

TPC TC 2011

Benchmarking and Performance - Wiki

Transaction Processing Council (TPC) Technology Conference (TC) 2011 - Call for Papers

The technology landscape is continually evolving and challenging industry experts and researchers to develop innovative techniques to evaluate and benchmark computing systems. The TPC remains committed to developing highly relevant benchmark standards and will continue to develop new benchmarks to keep pace. With this conference, the TPC encourages researchers and industry experts to submit novel ideas and methodologies in performance evaluation, measurement, and characterization.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Cloud computing
  • Social media infrastructure
  • Business intelligence
  • Complex event processing
  • Database optimizations
  • Green computing
  • Disaster tolerance and recovery
  • Energy and space efficiency
  • Hardware innovations
  • Hybrid workloads
  • Virtualization
  • Lessons learned in practice using TPC workloads
  • Enhancements to TPC workloads

Important Dates

  • Abstracts due: May 23, 2011
  • Papers due: May 30, 2011
  • Notification of Acceptance: June 30, 2011
  • Camera-ready Copies: July 15, 2011
  • Conference Date: August 29, 2011

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