The VMmark benchmark

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VMmark is developed by VMware, and is the first standardized benchmark specifically designed for virtualization. It provides a standardized way of comparing servers running a server workload consolidation environment.

Dell is a member company of the VMmark Review Panel and submits and reviews results. Dell and VMware are members of the SPEC virtualization subcommittee and is working together with that organization to create the next generation virtualization benchmark.

Dell PowerEdge result publications

Most of the VMmark results are reviewed by the VMmark Review Panel on a rolling two-week cycle and are then published on the VMmark web site after review for adherence to the Run and Reporting Rules.

Since this can involve an undesirable delay, VMmark results may be independently published. Per section 2.3 of the run rules: "Benchmarkers may independently publish results from fully compliant tests for which a full disclosure report is publicly available." Below are some independently published results.

VMmark 2.x: Dell PowerEdge R720 result is now live (4/4/12)!

The PowerEdge R720 result of 10.49 @ 10 tiles is now live; please visit this blog post for more information about how it scales versus the R710.



*** The below information references results from the previous version of VMmark (1.x); more VMmark 2.x results coming! ***

PowerEdge R810, PowerEdge M910

On the PowerEdge R810, the Dell performance team has produced a #1 overall 2-socket result of 37.28 @ 26 Tiles. This result will be submitted to VMware for review by the Review Panel and is expected to be published in July 2010.

On the PowerEdge M910, the 2-socket VMmark score is 37.11 @ 26 Tiles, which makes it the #1 2-socket blade result, topping blade scores from Cisco (35.83 @ 26 Tiles) and Fujitsu (32.89 @ 24 Tiles).

As of 7/8/2010, here is how the R810 and M910 compare to all other published 2-socket VMmark results:

VMmark 2S leaders as of 07-08-2010

PowerEdge R910

Using the PowerEdge R910, the Dell performance team has produced a result of 74.34 @ 50 Tiles. This result is being submitted to VMware for review and is expected to be published in July 2010.

Here is how the R910 compares to the highest published 4-socket and 8-socket results on the VMmark web site:

VMmark 4 and 8-socket results as of 07-08-2010

VMware® VMmark™ is a product of VMware, Inc. VMmark utilizes SPECjbb2005® and SPECweb2005®, which are available from the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC).