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Automation of the BMF Jobs - Can we?

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Automation of the BMF Jobs - Can we?

  • Hi all,

    I have been trundling through so much of the internet hunting for the answer I am after, hopefully I can find the answer I am after from one of you gifted guys.

    I am running BMF v6.9.2 (SQL = 2012, Win = 2012) & what I do on each of our newly -built SQL servers is:

    a) Install of BMF is automatically done via Blade Tech;

    b) Creation of the 'standard folder' for the default user, so when a new user logs into BMF, they already have the profile & jobs created;

    c) Run Powershell code to automatically generate the ODBC DSN & manipulate the Profiles.xml & BMFJobs.xml to do what we require - basically running T, C & E TPCs.

    Now the issue I have, is that with all this done with the touch of a button, is there any way the jobs that I have generated, can be run without actually having to go through the front-end & 'readying' the jobs?

    I hope there is someone out there that can provide me with a solution to this.............and the acceptance of 'it cannot be done' or upgrade will suffice.

    Thanks in advance & regards

    Alun Griffiths

    Snr. DBA


  • Sorry guys, I should pioint out that I do also set the Start runtime within the changig of the BMFJobs.xml as well...........before that is posted as a solution.