This blog post is written by Dell EMC Operating systems Engineering team

Quick Boot is a new type of “soft” reboot mechanism introduced in vSphere 6.7. Unlike a regular host reboot operation (warm or cold), Quick Boot does not involve going through the actual hardware reboot process. When you initiate a Quick Boot, ESXi restarts in a way similar to normal reboot operation but the hardware does not go through the normal process of reboot operations such as POST, firmware load, re-initialization of hardware resources, reload ACPI/SMBIOS tables etc...

This feature helps to speed up server management workflows which do not require a hardware reboot. For example, applying an ESXi security patch or upgrading the ESXi hypervisor will most likely not require you to have the host/hardware rebooted. Please refer to vSphere Update Manage Installation and Administration Guide for instructions on configuration/ use this feature.

Dell EMC and VMware have worked together to enable Quick Boot on the following platforms.

  • PowerEdge R740
  • PowerEdge R740xd
  • PowerEdge R640
  • PowerEdge R730
  • PowerEdge R730xd
  • PowerEdge R630

The following script verifies that the hardware and softwareconfiguration of a given host supports Quick Boot. Dell EMC recommends end users to run this script manually to make sure that the configuration is compatible for quickboot. 

$ /usr/lib/vmware/loadesx/bin/

NOTE: Refer to VMware KB 52477 , Installation Instructions and Important Information Guide and vSphere Update Manager Installation and Administration Guide to ensure your host meets the minimum requirements to support Quick Boot.