BOSS-S1 is the default boot device shipping with DellEMC PowerEdge 14G Servers. It supports two M.2 disks in RAID 1 configuration and also supports NON-RAID configuration.

Note: DellEMC always recommends to use the RAID 1 configuration with BOSS to support redundancy.

BOSS-S1 Firmware Releases

BOSS-S1 supports both blades and monolithic servers and the controller comes with both form factors. The below chart contains the latest versions for both. Starting with A01 release DellEMC will use the ROM version of the controller to report the firmware version, this change will reflect in future releases too.

BOSS-S1 Firmware





System Management Features enabled with A01 release

  • Pre Requisites – Please make sure the iDRAC Version, A00 & above in your DellEMC PowerEdge Server

iDRAC Inventory and Configuration

iDRAC support has been enabled for BOSS-S1 with this release. Now you can monitor your controller and check the physical and logical drive status. In addition to it, SMART reporting is also done which helps to report the drive status.

It will also help in configuring the RAID and please note all operation in iDRAC will be staged and requires a system reboot.

Firmware update of BOSS-S1 and M.2 disks from iDRAC

Firmware update of BOSS-S1 and M.2 disks can be performed from iDRAC. Please do note this feature is already enabled with this release and can be utilized for our future firmware drops.

Note: M.2 Physical Disks firmware can also be updated from Operating System using DUP’s and Dell Nautilus Firmware Update Utility

Link to the latest M.2 Firmware -

Lifecycle Controller Support

Lifecycle Controller will enable configuration to configure RAID on BOSS-S1 and assist users in deploying OS on top of it.

In addition to it, Lifecycle controller has added support for updating the firmware of BOSS-S1 controller.

SMART reporting via OS CLI

BOSS-S1 CLI support is available for Windows, Linux and VMware ESXi Operating Systems.  This application additionally enables you to check controller, Physical Disk, and Virtual Disk status while booted to an OS.


smart -p 0  (for Physical Disk 0)

smart -p 1  (for Physical Disk 1)

Note: Below is an example of how SMART Alert will be reported in case your M.2 disks have any SMART value crossing a certain threshold.

Screenshot as grabbed from Linux Operating System

OpenManage Systems Administrator (OMSA) Support for BOSS-S1

OpenManage Systems Administrator (OMSA) support for BOSS-S1 is available with all operating systems. This application enables you to perform controller and enclosure functions for all supported RAID controllers and enclosures from a single graphical or command-line interface. For more information, see the Dell OpenManage Storage Management User's Guide

Please find the links below for downloading the same.

Microsoft Windows Server –

Linux –

VMware ESXi 6.5 –

VMware ESXi 6.0 U3 (P06) –

Note: OpenManage Systems Administrator (OMSA) will support inventory and monitoring for BOSS-S1.

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