This blog is written by Murugan Sekar & Revathi from Dell Hypervisor Engineering Team.

DellEMC has introduced next generation (14G) of PowerEdge servers which support Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family (Skylake-SP). This blog highlights 14G DellEMC PowerEdge server features related to VMware ESXi.

  • As part of initial release, Following servers are launched and certified with ESXi6.5 & ESXi6.0U3. Refer VMware HCL for more details.
    • R940, R740xd, R740, R640, C6420

  • The above listed serves are certified with Trusted boot (TxT) feature for ESXi6.5 & ESXi6.0U3 in both BIOS & UEFI boot mode. On these servers, DellEMC offered TPM as Plug-In Module solution which supports,
    • TPM1.2
    • TPM2.0
    • TPM2.0(China NationZ)

    Note: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 is not supported in ESXi6.5 & ESXi6.0U3. Only TPM 1.2 is supported in the current releases of VMware ESXi.

  • VMware supports UEFI secure boot from ESXi6.5 onwards. This feature is certified on R940, R740, R740xd, R640 & C6420. Refer to the white paper  for details on UEFI Secure boot.
  • GPU Passthrough (vDGA) is a graphic acceleration function offered by VMware and currently this feature is certified for following GPUs on R740 server with ESXi6.5 & ESXi6.0U3.
    • Tesla M60
    • AMD S7150
    • AMD S7150x2

   Note: Ensure to set Memory Mapped I/O Base to 12TB under BIOS settings to power on the windows VMs with GPU Pass-through. Refer link for details.

  • 14G servers introduced new IDSDM module which combines IDSDM and/or vFLASH into single module. This module supports only microSD cards. Currently DellEMC offers 16/32/64GB IDSDM based micro SD cards which are certified for VMware ESXi. Refer this link for list of certified SD cards for servers.

  • NVDIMM-N is not supported in ESXi6.5 & ESXi6.0U3.