This blog post is written by Sapan Jain and Krishnaprasad K from Dell Hypervisor Engineering team

The DellEMC PowerEdge 14G servers’ factory installed with VMware ESXi will have root password set to Server Service Tag. Refer to <Locating Service Tag of your system> section under Getting started guide at on locating service tag.

NOTE that DellEMC PowerEdge 13G servers factory installed with VMware ESXi continue to have no password set for root.

DellEMC PowerEdge 14G servers shipped from factory with VMware ESXi installed on BOSS-S1 device will not have VMFS datastore enabled by default. DellEMC recommends BOSS-S1 device as OS boot device as well as "vSphere ESXi Logging device" only from VMware ESXi point of view. Refer to VMware KB 2145210. Refer to the white paper to know more about BOSS-S1 device.