Dell with the help of VMware has achieved the top score with SPEC Cloud™ IaaS 2016 Benchmark.

These results were achieved on FX2s Chassis using Dell PowerEdge FC630 with E5-2698v4 processors running VMware ESXi 6.5 and VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.1, controller by vSphere 6.5.

This Hardware, Software combo created on a cluster of 8 data nodes were able to create 468 VMs, with a Elasticity score of 87.4 % and a Scalability score of 78.5 @ 72 Applications Instances.

This results can be viewed on SPEC’s website, at the follow link



Figure of the Cluster Environment.




List of Cluster Equipment.



Figure of the Published OSG Cloud result.



By replacing the E5-2698v4 processors in the data nodes of the cluster with E5-2699v4, we were able to improve the SPEC Cloud score by 11.7%.

Achieving a Scalability score of 87.7 @ 80, with an Elasticity score of 88.6%, while creating 520 VMs, without increasing the Provisioning Time of only 25 seconds.

This 11.7% increase was due to having 2 more cores per processor, for a total of 4 cores per data node and a cluster increase of 24 cores over the previous cluster configuration.



Figure of the update results with E5-2699v4 processors installed in all the Data Nodes. 



As seen in the in the chart below there was a 11.1% increase in the amount of VM’s created by the cluster, after installing the E5-2699v4 processors in the data nodes.


In the Chart below there was an 11.1% increase in the amount Application Instances that the cluster can create.



 There was an 11.7% increase in Scalability and seen in the figure below.

Scalability is the total amount of measured work done by the application instances that are running in cloud environment in the cluster.



There was a 1.3% increase in Elasticity. Elasticity is difference between the baseline and the clouds application workload performance.

Each VM runs a baseline of the an application workload, before entering the cloud environment.

As seen in the chart below there was a 81.4% decrease in Provisioning Time over  traditional Openstack clusters, when using VMware's VIO Openstack cluster. 

The R720 and R630 in this chart are using the traditional Openstack software on physical servers.

SPEC’s Benchmark to measure cloud performance is SPEC Cloud™ IaaS 2016. This benchmark use a suite of tools to measure cloud performance.

The benchmark sets up VM’s as cloud instances to stress the provisioning of the Cluster and then runs computing workloads on those instances to figure out Scalability and Elasticity of the cluster.

For more information on SPEC’s Cloud™ IaaS 2016 visit the following website .



The VMware software used in this cluster is ESXi 6.5, VIO 3.1 and vSphere 6.5. ESXi 6.5 is an embedded hypervisor, which allow the creation of VMs without an underlying OS.

VIO 3.1 is a VMware product that creates an OpenStack cluster on VMware infrastructure.

This software combo allows for the creation of an integrate openstack cluster on the Dell PowerEdge servers hardware.

Once the Cluster is created it can be controlled via VMware’s vSphere software.

For information on the VMware Software used for this Cluster visit: and