This blog was written by Murugan Sekar & Revathi  from Dell Hypervisor Engineering Team.

ESXi6.5 is a next major OS release from VMware which has been certified on Dell PowerEdge servers. Following are the highlights on Dell PowerEdge servers with respect to ESXi6.5,

  • Dell has certified 66 servers that includes 200+ configuration (Server & Feature certifications) for ESXi6.5 OS on VMware GA. Please refer VMware HCL for complete list of VMware certified dell servers.

  • VMware has introduced support for UEFI secure boot in ESXi6.5. This feature is certified and supported only on 13thGeneration of Dell servers. None of the 12G servers are certified for this feature.Refer this blog for more details about UEFI secure boot.

List of Dell PowerEdge servers certified for UEFI secure boot feature as of today:

    • R630, R730, R730xd, R830, R930, T630, M630, FC630, M830 & FC830

  • GPU Passthrough (vDGA) is a graphic acceleration function offered by VMware and dell currently certified this feature on R730 server in ESXi6.5 with nVIDIA Grid K1, GridK2 & Tesla M60 GPUs.

  • Trusted boot(TxT) functionality will be supported on both BIOS & UEFI boot mode in DELL PowerEdge server from ESXi6.5.

                        Note: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 is not supported by VMware as of today.

  •  For a list of Certified SD cards on Dell Servers, Please refer to Table-2 in VMware vSphere 6.5.x on Dell PowerEdge Servers Compatibility Matrix guide available at Dell support site.

  • Dell hasn’t certified any servers for Legacy Fault Tolerance as this feature is depreciated from ESXi6.5 OS onwards.