New Server Resources To The Rescue At The Dell TechCenter

Q: What one thing do all super heroes have in common?
A: They’re all able to accomplish impossible feats for the greater good of humanity.

Here at Dell, we may not have the ability to fly, scale walls or run around in spandex (I think we can all appreciate that). What we do have are solutions that can help fight the TCO Terror, Diabolical Deployment Mastermind, or even the dreaded Dark Lord Density. 

Say hello to a resource that can help fight those vigilantes.

Dell Tech Center… the Technical Superhero’s Dream

The Dell Tech Center has been home to Dell’s wide portfolio and has been serving technical users for years. From forums, to wikis, deployment guides, to best practice videos, the Tech Center is the weapon every technical super hero needs.

Super Charge the Data Center

Looking to learn more about virtualizing an environment, accelerating storage, increasing capacity or enhancing performance? We’ve got all that and more!

The PowerEdge server team has redesigned and launched the server pages to address technical user’s needs. With the entire PowerEdge portfolio broken down by form factor, commodity, or systems management, it’s easy to navigate the site and find relevant assets. In addition to that, we’ve added an icon system so finding assets that are relevant is quick and painless.

What’s in it for me?

Great question! We’ve designed the tech center server pages with technical users in mind. We’ve made it so that all of our resources are in one place. There are spec sheets, wikis, forums, and more. Not to mention all of our PowerEdge 13G technical whitepapers.

So go check us out and bookmark the site! Fight data center villains with weapons that are up to the task.