We’re excited to bring the latest release of Dell OpenManage Plug-In for Nagios XI to you. With the launch of this plug-in, we are now extending our Nagios-Core plugin for Nagios XI users as well with some great new feature too. 

Dell OpenManage Plug-in version 1.0 for Nagios XI provides capabilities to monitor 12th and later generations of Dell PowerEdge servers through an agent-free method using Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller, Datacenter Scalable Solutions, Dell chassis and Dell Storage devices in the Nagios XI console. This plug-in provides comprehensive hardware-level visibility including overall and component-level health monitoring of Dell PowerEdge servers through SNMP and WS-MAN protocols, Dell chassis through WS-MAN protocol and Dell storage through SNMP protocol. This plug-in provides basic information about the Dell devices and its components and also monitors the events that are generated from the Dell devices. This plug-in also supports one-to-one web console launch for iDRAC, Chassis, and storage devices to perform further troubleshooting, configuration, and management activities.

What you can do with Dell OpenManage Plug-in for Nagios XI?





Dell Configuration Wizard

Automated and Guided step-by-step web configuration wizard for Discovery and Monitoring of Dell device including device component health (e.g. Physical disk, Virtual disk, Fan, Battery, NIC, and Intrusion etc.)

GUI based wizard enables quick monitoring configuration from a single interface. Choose from basic as well detailed monitoring without getting into the nitty-gritty of command-line scripting.

Event monitoring

Monitor SNMP traps from the supported Dell devices.

Quickly gather high-level information such as overall health as well component-level health of your Dell devices for immediate troubleshooting.

Deep-Level Hardware Inventory

Comprehensive device information including deep-level component-level details.

Keep a pulse on your mission-critical data center infrastructure assets and periodically monitor them

Link and Launch Device Consoles

Launch One-to-One Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) console for Dell PowerEdge Servers as well as One-to-Many consoles for Dell Storage devices directly from Nagios XI.

Enables further troubleshooting and one-to-one configuration, update, or management of Dell devices.

Warranty Information

Monitors and displays the warranty information for the supported Dell devices.

Proactively monitor the complete hardware warranty information of the Dell devices.

For more information, download links, and product documentation please visit the Dell OpenManage Plug-In for Nagios XI wiki page. We encourage you to continue this conversation in the OpenManage Connections for 3rd Party Console Integration Forum if you have any comments or other feedback.