Am I a Geek? Yes I thought, but then I started thinking that what geek used to mean and what it has grown to mean are probably different then what I had in mind. So being a Knowledge Management (KM) Manager I did the obvious, I searched. I searched Google for ‘what is a geek’, and it returned the following definition


Immediately after reading definition number one I though "check". Definition number two "ugh, no, not me". Verb definition yes, but I’m geeking out over things like KM, Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and Star Wars. [By the way Dell Software Support has an awesome Support Portal and Knowledge Base, be sure to check it out here]

In the past year I’ve come to realize that my love for Star Wars is strongly shared by people other than my family. It’s widely licensed now so it’s easy to spot another Star Wars fan. This is great because it means that I no longer have to wear men’s Star Wars t-shirts, women’s Star Wars shirts are now widely available!! Though I’ll admit the cut is nice I still prefer the graphics on the men’s tee’s versus the feminized images on the women’s, which means I still steal Star Wars shirts from my husband. We are indeed Star Wars geeks. I love this topic because Geek Pride day May 25 shares the anniversary of the first Star Wars film, Episode IV: A New Hope, released on May 25, 1977. I wasn’t born yet… OK that’s an untruth J I was born but not old enough to sit still and watch a full length film. Eventually the love for the genius behind these films would fill my life, and my house.

Just a FEW of the items -

The creativity that George Lucas displayed in writing and creating these stories is amazing and I could write on and on about many aspects of this but since this is a short and sweet blog I’ll refrain. I will however tell you that the appreciation of the Star Wars Universe and expanded stories (films, books, comics, etc.) have allowed my family and I to share and enjoy something together. Something we all love "geeking out" about. Here is a picture of us at the 2015 Star Wars Convention. We would have loved to attend the 2016 Convention, but it’s in a galaxy far far away (London, England) and requires lots of Republic Credits – seriously, London is far from Colorado.

Hope you all have a wonderful geeky day. May the Force be with You!

Monique Cadena

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Monique has worked in the field of Knowledge Management (KM) and Knowledge Center Support (KCS) for over 19 years. She is recognized as an Innovator by the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI).
She been working for Dell since 2013 and is currently responsible for driving governance of the Dell Software KM program best practices and ensuring Dell Software is up-to-date with current KM, KCS and Social Support trends.

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