Author: Harmeet Malhotra

Director, Storage and Solutions Marketing

Dell Asia Pacific & Japan

Today, we launched a new NAS (Network Attached Storage) product – the NX430.

An entry-level file-sharing system targeting small businesses and home offices, the NX430 can also be used as a “Print Server”. It is a part of the Dell Storage NX family of NAS appliances, which are easy to manage thanks to Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 R2™ and Dell OpenManage™ Tools.

Maintaining productivity is essential for any business. NX430 offers disparate users simplified access to files and shares across a network-wide infrastructure, even to remote offices. Shared files are easy to locate and the connections are resilient.

Eliminate duplicate data and maximize space: Thin provisioning, deduplication and compression help optimize capacity allocation on the NAS. Single Instance Storage identifies duplicate files coming from different users, storing them only once. It also has a single management interface that delivers improved managed file services across CIFS/NFS, and offers improved control and compliance over different file types. This is ideal for audit and planning purposes.

It comes in a small 1U form-factor with a maximum raw storage capacity of 32TB and is ready to go out of the box with Initial Configuration Tasks Wizard to streamline the setup. There is no need to buy additional Windows Client-Access Licenses (CALs).

Remote offices benefit from the BranchCache feature that improves branch office connectivity on low-speed, high-latency links.

Our customers get the best value as we offer two software versions to choose from: Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition and Workgroup Edition. The former offers additional capabilities with better Branch Caching, DFS-R (Data Replication), VSS (Snapshots).

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