Long-time Dell partner SUSE has announced the release of a new reference architecture for implementing SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 with Dell PowerEdge and Dell Networking platforms. Created by SUSE, this architecture will assist customers with implementing building massively scalable, OpenStack-powered clouds.

The SUSE team, assisted by Dell, developed and tested the reference architecture, which provides all the details needed to go from bare-metal deployment to a full, highly available private cloud instance. This architecture brings together the versatility of OpenStack, the improvements SUSE has made to make it easier to deploy and manage, with Dell’s industry-leading server and flexible open networking platforms.

Working closely with Dell, SUSE has engineered a fully prescriptive reference implementation including the installation and configuration of the solution to simplify deployment on Dell systems.  This “recipe” approach to setting up SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 on the PowerEdge systems accelerates identification and configuration of your network environment and a provides a rapid launch of the Solution Administration Host to consolidate overhead functions, preserving physical nodes for resource intensive functions and to help ease the fan-out of nodes in the cloud.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Crowbar enhancements: Scaling/foundation for non-disruptive infrastructure updates in an easy to use user interface
  • Expanded hypervisor support: Provides more client datacenter versatility and leveraging of existing virtualization expertise
  • High-availability: SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 provides HA control plane, to keep core services available, and compute node, with automatic VM workload relaunch
  • Resilient object and block persistent storage, based upon SUSE Enterprise Storage which utilizes Ceph and takes advantage of storage rich Dell PowerEdge 730xd nodes.

SUSE and Dell have identified key uses cases for this solution and provide a scale-out approach that covers establishing a development lab, and can be expanded up to an enterprise implementation. Specific design decisions and detailed bills of materials and configuration settings are noted for this particular configuration, plus scaling and best practices are also included to help you plan for later expansions. And you can read all about it by downloading and reading through the reference architecture posted on Dell Tech Center

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Dell OpenStack Cloud team via email:  OpenStack@Dell.com  or visit us online at Dell.com/OpenStack