This week, Margaret Franco, Vice President, APJ CSES Marketing, launches the Future Ready Business campaign to help business move forward on their future-ready journey. Equipping businesses to be “Future-Ready” has been discussed a lot lately but what does this actually mean?

Being future-ready means making an organization ready to succeed in a world that is increasingly experiencing digital transformation, innovation and disruption, and where traditional legacy technologies are being revamped by new technologies such as cloud, mobility, social and analytics. This starts with an organization’s leadership acknowledging that it needs to embrace the digital era.

A global study conducted by IDC and Dell on the performance levels of businesses that have embraced future-ready technology found that such companies are delivering distinctively better business results than their less future ready counterparts across a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs), from revenue growth and profitability to employee productivity and retention. This trend is consistent across 12 countries and 2,500 businesses around the world (coverage includes 1200 different businesses in India, China, ANZ and Japan).

The thrust of Dell’s Future-Ready vision lies in helping businesses become future ready and we have the tools to help businesses understand their path to future-readiness, business outcomes and IT agility. Learn from the success of others while you take steps to improve your future readiness and focus on long-term outcomes.