Optimizing Oracle performance at Anji Automotive Logistics – Save those precious minutes!

Optimizing Oracle performance at Anji Automotive Logistics – Save those precious minutes!


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Optimizing Oracle performance at Anji Automotive Logistics – Save those precious minutes!

What keeps the automotive supply chain turning smoothly? Database performance.

What makes it grind to a halt? Delayed database response.

Anji Logistics serves automotive and parts manufacturers across China, delivering up to 6.4 million automobiles and 100 million automotive parts per year. Maintaining that kind of volume depends on ensuring that orders are received in its transportation management system less than three minutes after its automotive partners place them.

Anji Logistics can’t spare the time for delays anywhere in its Oracle back end, so it monitors database performance with Foglight for Oracle. Its IT personnel now receive alerts from Foglight, helping them trim resolution time from two hours down to less than 30 minutes and reducing the number and duration of delays in inbound orders.

Minutes matter, and Anji Logistics is saving them.

Database performance monitoring for automotive

As a DBA, you’ve probably seen your responsibilities grow beyond keeping servers running. You’re likely responsible for ensuring the integrity and availability of data, especially in this era of big data. The smarter the tools you choose, the fewer time-consuming manual tasks you’ll have, the higher service levels you’ll maintain and the sooner you’ll see which applications and users are impacted by a database issue.

Foglight for Oracle includes Performance Investigator (PI), which gives you insight into areas like database resources, workload analytics and change tracking. PI is designed to give you a complete picture of your environment so you can find and fix performance issues before they put your database at risk.

PI’s capabilities help you keep your database environment running strong:

  • With multidimensional workload analysis you can find databases bearing the greatest load, and then drill in to view the top users and SQL statements.
  • Track changes in database environments and spot configuration drift before it becomes a problem.
  • I/O analysis provides dimensional information so you can start your investigation from disks, files (data files) and objects (tables and indexes).
  • Compare current execution plans to historical ones to identify any significant changes that may have affected performance.

The IT personnel at Anji Logistics are able to monitor their Oracle database hit ratio, session conversations, login user status and usage in the shared pool and redo log, database memory, and database CPU. Read the case study, Logistics firm speeds up supply chain efficiency with performance monitoring, to see how the automotive supplier is using Foglight for Oracle to support its efficient warehouse processes.

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