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Microsoft recently announced the first technical preview of Microsoft Azure Stack (MAS). This release is for a single server proof-of-concept (POC). It’s a great way to evaluate many of the new components as a part of this new architecture and platform. It’s designed for learning and demonstrating Azure Stack features. The first Technical Preview of Azure Stack will be released here later today.

Before we get to our recommendations, here is the original Microsoft announcement detailing the general platform hardware requirements: Microsoft Azure Stack: Hardware requirements

For those interested in purchasing a new system today specifically for evaluating this technical preview release, we’ve listed a few recommendations on some of our PowerEdge platforms to help ensure a good experience.



  • For networking, the MAS POC documentation states “Make sure only one NIC is enabled and that it has Internet connectivity”.

  • For storage, the HBA330 controller is the preferred card for utilizing pass-through and emerging technologies like Spaces Direct.

  • Keep in mind the POC is all on a single machine so there are limited networking & storage scenarios at this stage.

Disclaimer- The Technical Preview bits for Microsoft Azure Stack are provided as-is. There is no support from Dell for this proof of concept. This is just a great way to kick the tires early on and to evaluate the new features available.

Dell has been working with Microsoft for over five years to bring you the best possible hybrid cloud solutions. Dell was the first to validate and offer a hybrid cloud solution with Microsoft Cloud Platform System Standard and we are the only vendor providing an end-to-end integrated hybrid cloud system with Microsoft Cloud Platform System Premium. The Microsoft Azure Stack POC is an early look at what is coming down the road for future hybrid cloud solutions. Expect more from us as our journey together continues.