What happens when you combine PS Series and SC Series storage in the same environment? PSC Series? CompelLogic? Hmm… well, whatever you want to call it, you get two great storage systems coexisting together. Ah, that's the word we're looking for — coexistence.

Now, why would you want to do this? For one, you may be looking to migrate from an existing PS Series SAN to SC Series storage. Or, you'd like to expand your iSCSI SAN by adding SC to your PS storage.

In either case, making coexistence happen is now easier with our full set of best practices documents. These cover a variety of operating systems and address both shared and dedicated host scenarios. In a shared host scenario, hosts share the iSCSI SAN infrastructure and connect to both PS and SC Series arrays. In the dedicated host scenario, the iSCSI SAN is still shared, but each host connects to either the PS or SC array (not both).

See the link below to find the latest documents.

Sharing an iSCSI SAN with PS Series and SC Series arrays

Happy coexisting!