Exciting times! Wow - there are so many new features in the Dell PS Series storage product line right now!  We're talking: 

  • New array models, such as the PS6610
  • Newly released array PS Series Firmware version 8 - loaded with new features and enhancements
  • Updated performance monitoring capabilities with SANHQ v3.1 Early Production Access
  • New NAS capabilities with updates to FS Series Firmware version 3
  • …and several new host-side integrations with:
    • Virtual Storage for VMware v4.5 Early Production Access
    • Multipathing Extension Module v1.3 for VMware
    • HIT/Microsoft v4.8 Early Production Access


PS Series Firmware v8

Dell has recently released the latest and greatest version of PS Series Firmware - version 8.   What's new with Dell PS Series Firmware v8?  I'm glad you asked!