Dell iDRAC along with LC, provide a great set of server management and monitoring abilities. In the this whitepaper CIM Cmdlets with Dell iDRAC for remote management along with several previous blog posts located here, we provide a holistic way to script the management of Dell PowerEdge servers.

The new Dell PowerEdge 13G servers with iDRAC 8 enable increased levels of operational efficiency and flexibility with industry-leading systems management capabilities.

In this blog you can understand how to update the BIOS on your server using PowerShell scripting. This script is easily extendable to run firmware, NIC updates etc. and is very flexible with your existing environment. It works on the 12th Generation with iDRAC7 as well as the new 13th Generation servers with iDRAC8. The first step is to set up a CIM session with the iDRAC using the IP Address, Username and Password. Using the session variable, you can run the remainder of the commands to the iDRAC. These include- setting up a job that points to a share (HTTP, CIFS Share, NFS share, TFTP, or FTP) and a reference target to install the Dell update package (DUP), next is to reboot the system to execute the DUP and process with the BIOS update.


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