Authors : Kiran Poluri, Kiran Devarapalli, Krishnaprasad K from Dell Hypervisor Engineering team

Dell recently announced an updated configuration release of PowerEdge VRTX which provides the fault tolerant feature for Shared PERC8. This blog focuses on the VMware ESXi support for PowerEdge VRTX supporting "Fault Tolerant Shared PERC 8" feature.

With this release, The PowerEdge VRTX system is currently available in two configurations of the Shared PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) 8 card:

    • Single Shared PERC 8 Card Configuration
    • "Fault Tolerant Shared PERC 8” Card Configuration

For more details on the configuration details, refer to the ‘Overview’ section in PowerEdge VRTX Shared PERC 8 User Guide available at Dell support site. 

What Is New In This Release?

 This release of Dell PowerEdge VRTX supports:

    • Fault-tolerant (Active/Passive) mode for shared storage “Shared PERC 8”. Refer to “The Controller Failover Feature” section in the user guide.
    • M820 Server Platform support.

VMware ESXi support

At this point, VMware ESXi 5.1 Update 1, ESXi 5.1 Update 2 and ESXi 5.5 are supported for this version of VRTX release. 

NOTE: VMware ESXi5.5 Update 1 support for PowerEdge VRTX is targeted for June release which includes “Fault Tolerant Shared PERC 8” support 

The specific details of ESXi version support and the driver version details are outlined below.


Dell Customized ESXi 5.1U1 A03 Image carries Shared PERC8 Driver Version megaraid-sas- 06.801.52.00 (Single Controller). For Customers who want to upgrade to Dual Controller in VRTX with ESXi5.1U1, need to upgrade Driver version to megaraid-sas- 06.802.71.00. This driver can be downloaded from VMware site. For VRTX to work in Fault Tolerant mode(Dual Controller), FW stack(CMC, Main Board FW and PERC FW) has to upgraded to latest releases available at


Dell Customized ESXi 5.1 U2 A01  Image carries Shared PERC8 Driver Version megaraid-sas- 06.802.71.00 (Dual Controllers). 


Dell Customized ESXi5.5 A04 Image carries Shared PERC8 Driver version megaraid_sas-06.803.52.00(Dual Controllers)

NOTE: Customers who are installing ESXi5.1U2 on VRTX single controller system, need to upgrade the FW stack of CMC, Mainboard and PERC8 to latest versions available at Dell support site.

Multipathing support in VMware ESXi for PowerEdge VRTX

Dell recommends to use “Most Recently Used” path policy in VMware ESXi to support multipath in PowerEdge VRTX. Refer to Multipath Support In VMWare section in PowerEdge VRTX Shared PERC 8 User Guide for more details. 

Known Issues w.r.t VRTX and ESXi

Refer to "VMware vSphere 5 On Dell PowerEdge Systems Release Notes" document available at Dell support site which lists the set of known issues for this release.