While reading through the blog article titled, Has mobile computing had a positive impact on cybersecurity? in NetworkWorld, I thought Jon Oltsik made some interesting points around mobile security and changes related to how companies deal with Bring Your Own device (BYOD) and the management of data both on the end point device and in flight. There are few points I want to provide as a response.

I agree that network administrators need policy enforcement, and that this should include the ability to not only identify the user, but also determine the device type and its current security state to ensure proper access is granted. This provides the ability to limit access not only to certain users, but also to certain devices or device types. While I’m not a huge fan of MDM to solve the BYOD issue, I do believe that introducing a container such as the Dell Enterprise Mobile Management solution can help to ensure that data in rest on that specific device is secure. It also ensures that personal data is not intermingled with business data.

To further strengthen Dell’s position in the mobile access market, we introduced the Dell Secure Mobile Access (SMA) OS 11.0 for Dell SonicWALL Secure Remote Access appliances at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas. New features in this release provide additional controls for network administrators not only to identify the user and device, but also to control which apps can be used to access corporate resources, including Dell EMM or third-party apps such as Virtual Desktop (VDI). This new control enables the network administrator to create a list of trusted applications for employees to use for business. Additionally, SMA 11.0 offers powerful Mobile Device Policy authorization to ensure BYOD users legally comply with corporate access and data policy.

While there is no perfect solution to solve all the challenges around allowing access to business data through a personal device, we feel that Dell is in a solid position to further solve the challenges with the introduction of SMA 11.0 along with continued integration of the Dell EMM solution. The combined solution provides the ability not only to secure data in transit, but also to ensure that data is secure on the mobile device.

Dell's end-to-end Connected Security solutions, from the endpoint to datacenter to the cloud, include Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Dell SonicWALL network security and secure mobile access. Coupled with Dell Data Protection and Encryption (DDPE), these solutions reduce business risks and protect organizations from the ever evolving global threats.­­­