Dell OpenManage System Administrator 7.4 for Ubuntu and Debian

Dell OpenManage System Administrator (OMSA) 7.4 for Ubuntu and Debian is now published. OMSA 7.4 continues to be built on both Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian Wheezy to increase compatibility with Debian. All package dependencies that are in the Ubuntu distribution but are not in Debian are rebuilt for Debian and included in the OMSA Wheezy repository for convenience. One must use the Debian Wheezy packages and not the Ubuntu 12.04 packages because of libc differences between the two distribution releases.

(Please note that OMSA 7.2 and above are not built for Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian Squeeze. The last OMSA release tested with Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian Squeeze is OMSA 7.1, which is also provided in the new apt repository for convenience.)

Here is a list of the major changes made specifically for Ubuntu/Debian with this release:

  • Updated the debhelper version used for building to version 9.
  • This community-supported repository no longer bundles the Oracle Java runtime but instead utilizes the OpenJDK 7 JRE available in-distribution. This helps those running the OMSA web interface to get JRE security updates faster. (If you require OpenJDK 6 JRE on your server, I recommend that you run the OMSA web server in a chroot or other type of container.)
  • Fixed a buffer overflow in vmcli.
  • We're now providing debug packages for the Ubuntu build (not Debian for now).
  • Because of the limited use cases for srvadmin-itunnelprovider, srvadmin-standardagent's dependency on it has been changed from "Depends" to "Suggests".
  • Provided basic packaging of srvadmin-cm, though this one package has not been thoroughly tested as in-band DUPs are yet supported on Ubuntu or Debian.

Additionally, we have a new process in place for validating on Ubuntu with the help of Canonical. Our on-site engineers from Canonical tested this release on both Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and beta builds of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. My thanks go especially to Kent Baxley of Canonical for his continued help in testing OMSA. :-)

Dell Deployment Toolkit 4.4 for Ubuntu and Debian

Also included in this release is version 4.4 of the Dell Deployment Toolkit (DTK) for Ubuntu and Debian. DTK is lighter-weight than OMSA and is meant to assist with system deployment. The packages are named syscfg, raidcfg, and dtk-scripts. syscfg is a tool to configure server BIOS, BMC/iDRAC settings, DTK state settings, and to do PCI device detection. raidcfg, as the name suggests, is a tool to configure RAID on Dell PowerEdge servers. dtk-scripts contains sample DTK scripts and tools to build a bootable Dell utility partition for DOS-based firmware updates. Here are some changes specifically made for this release:

  • Fixed a bug affecting the functionality of raidcfg missed during previous releases.
  • Bundled an Ubuntu-specific DTK script made and tested by our on-site engineer from Canonical.

Note that DTK is not meant to be used on a system with OMSA installed. In particular, raidcfg will not work properly when OMSA is installed.

Dell iDRAC Service Module (iSM) for Ubuntu and Debian

This release includes the iDRAC Service Module (iSM). More information about iSM can be found at:

    Where to get it

    More information on where to download these packages is at

    Getting help

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