Introducing the 2014 Dell TechCenter Rockstar Lineup!

Introducing the 2014 Dell TechCenter Rockstar Lineup!


TechCenter is a community for IT professionals that focuses on Data Center and End User Computing best practices. Here you can learn about and share knowledge about Dell products and solutions.

Introducing the 2014 Dell TechCenter Rockstar Lineup!

The Dell TechCenter (DTC) Rockstar Program recognizes independent experts and enthusiasts for their significant positive impact on Dell TechCenter, Blogs and Social Media when discussing Dell.

In 2013 we expanded the DTC Rockstar Program by adding select Dell employees to the group. Over the last year, we have interacted with the Rockstars at Dell World, VMworld and the Dell TechCenter User Group as well as on the Dell TechCenter community. For the 2014 group we have sought out participants from not only Dell TechCenter but also those IT Professionals who have been assisting others on Dell’s Community Forums around Dell’s Enterprise products and services (Storage, Servers, Cloud Services and Network Switches).

Today, we are pleased to announce the 46 outstanding individuals picked for the 2014 Dell TechCenter Rockstars Program.   We have included links to their social accounts so that you can learn more about them and their expertise.

IT Professionals:

Andrew Mauro

Andreas Erson

Brian Vienneau

Carsten Rachfahl

Corey Betka

Didier Van Hoye

Dustin Hedges

Florian Klafenbach

Gerry Forde

Greg Nielson

James Van De Berg

Jay Weinshenker

Jerry Gamblin

Joey Ware

Jonathan Copeland

Kirk Jantzer

Marius Sandbu

Michael E Davis

Michael Tanenhaus

Paul Meiners

Pete Koehler

Phillip Yip

Rasmus Haslund

Rod Trent

Shawn Cannon

Tatsuhito Kasahara

Tim Antonowicz

Todd Muirhead

Tom Heskestad

Tomoyuki Nakamura

Yuji Sekiya

Yukio Yoshida

Tommy Scott


Dell Employees:

Ajith George

Gina Rosenthal

Gobind Vijayakumar

Mainak Roy

Margaret Boeneke

Marian Newsome

Matthew Paul

Pupul Mayank


Rob Cox

Samuel Landers

Sarah Vela

Steven Zessin

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  • Congratulations, fellow Rockstars!

  • Congratulations all DELL Rockstars !

  • Can u correct my name?  Shawn Cannon. Thanks for the honor of being a rockstar again!

  • Sorry about that Shawn. I guess I should have proof read it one more time. :)

  • Congrats everyone, welcome to the club!

  • Congratulations to all Rockstars !!!

  • Congratulations everyone, I am extremely honored and happy to be part of this outstanding community.

  • Congrats to all! I'm honored and excited to be part of the community and am looking forward to interacting more with all of you and the rest of the Dell fans out there.

  • Congrats Everyone ! Proud to be part of this community.

  • Congrats everyone! Honored to be a part of this group again

  • have a question relating to my inspiron duo

  • when i try to log in to open desktop after entering password it comes up saying the user profile service service failed the login user profi

  • Ciao tutti!

  • Congrats to all Rockstar`s.

  • sr031051 - I see that you have also posted your question to the Dell Community Forum. You should be able to find the assistance you need there.