Coming Soon: New TechCenter Solutions

Coming Soon: New TechCenter Solutions


TechCenter is a community for IT professionals that focuses on Data Center and End User Computing best practices. Here you can learn about and share knowledge about Dell products and solutions.

Coming Soon: New TechCenter Solutions

Dell Software is Coming to TechCenter!

Hello all.  My name is Daryll Swager, and I'm the manager of the Customer Engagement team at Dell Software.  I manage a team of folks who build our software communities, run our social media program, and build our customer case studies.  I came to Dell from the Quest acquisition in late 2012.  This is my first post on TechCenter, and I can guarantee you it won't be my last.

After Quest was acquired and we became Dell Software, we started researching how to provide our community users with a best in class community experience, while at the same time integrating into Dell if possible.  At its core, Dell has a great set of communities for people to talk about technology.  TechCenter, for example, is a great place to get information about IT and Datacenter Management.  When I first visited this community, I was very impressed by the content breadth, and some of the articles/blogs were (and still are) very technical in nature.

Because of all of these things, and because we would love to help cultivate an even larger ecosystem of customers and tech geeks, Dell Software has made the decision to bring their solution communities to Dell TechCenter.

This is no small task.  We need to:

  • Look at our users and move over the ones who don't have accounts on this community
  • Get messages to the users whose accounts need special handling in order to move over
  • The forum and blog content has to come over from the old communities
  • We need to change the layout and organization of TechCenter to make room for our new communities as well

At lot of the work above is going on right now, behind the scenes.  It's going very well and we anticipate that by this time next month, all of the Software communities will be open.

In some cases (like the Virtualization or the Cloud communities), we're joining a community that already has participation and at least some level of activity.  Please welcome your new participants with open arms.  I am personally very excited to be bringing our IT crowd to this great community!

Look for more updates from me next week with additional details, such as:

  • What kinds of content we'll be launching
  • What communities we're most excited about
  • Some of the content creators and bloggers that we'll be bringing over to this community

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or by commenting on this post.  I'm here to answer any questions folks might have about this move!


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  • This is a win win solution for both the content rich Dell Software communities and the Enterprise Dell TechCenter community.  A symbiotic relationship for both communities and group members.

    Thank you to all involved on both teams and looking forward to the content creation and collaboration between these strategic groups.

  • it is very exciting Dell software joining DTC family, we are looking forward more and more your blogs coming up.