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Microsoft® Clustered Storage Spaces on Dell PowerEdge VRTX™ Support and Cluster Validation Warnings

This blog post was originally written by Paul Marquardt

Currently the Dell PowerEdge VRTX™ platform does not support Microsoft Storage Spaces.  As discussed here, Storage Spaces is not supported using storage behind a RAID controller, and shared storage on a VRTX chassis is used via the SPERC controller.

This configuration can cause confusion when trying to install and configure Microsoft failover clustering services. During the cluster validation, you may receive a yellow warning stating that the system storage does not support SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations commands needed by clustered storage pools that use the Storage Spaces subsystem. This is only a warning and does not inhibit the capability of the VRTX platform to support Microsoft failover clustering.

Warning Message in Cluster Validation Report:

Disk X does not support SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations commands needed by clustered storage pools that use the Storage Spaces subsystem. Some storage devices require specific firmware versions or settings to function properly with failover clusters. Contact your storage administrator or storage vendor for help with configuring the storage to function properly with failover clusters that use Storage Spaces.

When you see a yellow warning during the cluster validation process, the warning does not indicate that the cluster will fail to build. The warning simply provides information on the system capability of different clustered features. Errors which are shown in red during the cluster validation report are issues that cause the failover cluster to fail the validation and build process.


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  • <p>To configure the Cluster to use shared RAID as cluster volumes, you need to change the registry. I prepared a script on my blog. You can find it here. <a rel="nofollow" target="_new" href="

  • I don't get it. Does this mean that i cannot use the storage in the VRTX when creating a failover cluster? Or will it work (assuming you set the AllowBusTypeRAID in the registry), but without the SCSI-3 features?

  • The VRTX supports Microsoft Failover Clustering, it simply doesn't support Microsoft Storage Spaces, or Clustered Storage Spaces. But a lot of people get confused when they see the warning stating the storage won't support Storage Spaces.