The VMworld 2013 Conference in San Francisco is just one week away. I have attended this conference in past but never as a speaker. I will be presenting a breakout session with Dave Edwards of Micron Technology on Monday titled Low Latency, High Bandwidth and Now Hot-Pluggable: PCIe SSDs are Enterprise Ready.  Among other interesting topics, we will also discuss the PCIe SSD hot-plug implementation overview and challenges. 


Please stop by if you are there as well as drop in on the other Dell team members that will be speaking at VMworld 2013.  Following is a list of Dell team members and the Session Titles for presentations:

Speaker Name
Session Title
Ahmad Ali
Aaron Prince and
Ganesh Padmanabhan
Andy Rhodes
Bryan Martin
Eric Schott
Matthew Paul and
Damon Earley
Mattias Sundling
Steve Lalla
Todd Barton