This video showing some good feature of Dell Latitude. Please take a look at this first.


Let me show some reference.


-DDPE (Dell Data Protection | Encryption

This is a dell Data protection solution for comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and malware prevention. Please refere this site.

 Dell Data Protection Solutions


This video sais “The competition takes 22 steps. Dell takes only 5 steps”. The reduction of steps refers to a third-party test of the Dell Client Instrumentation Pack driver package import wizard for Microsoft SCCM, together with Dell Driver Cab files for OS Deployment vs. generic/non optimized driver importation of our competitors’ drivers via SCCM. Using this feature simplified the process of importing drivers by reducing the number of steps from 22 to 5. Refer to this Principled Technologies white paper.

  Enterprise client management with Dell Client Integration Pack

-Intel vPro technology, Out-of-bound system management

Dell Business client has up to four out-of-bound management technology and Intel vPro technology is the best of breed. This wiki conteins several information about Out-of-bound system management mainly focus of Intel vPro technology.

 Managing Dell Client systems with Intel AMT vPro


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