Citrix XenServer: Hardware Compatibility List, clarification on the use of OEM-DELL as a filter term

Citrix XenServer: Hardware Compatibility List, clarification on the use of OEM-DELL as a filter term


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Citrix XenServer: Hardware Compatibility List, clarification on the use of OEM-DELL as a filter term

written by Jerry Clement, Dell Enterprise OS Engineering, Project Manager/Engineer for Citrix XenServer


Here's an interesting scenario. It's not a BIG deal, but knowing about it might help in the future when looking up Dell Hardware on the Citrix XenServer Hardware Compatibility List.

One of our customers wanted to evaluate XenServer on one of his brand new Dell Servers. So he wanted to see which servers were certified. He went to

He then selected "Servers" from the choices at the bottom of the page. This brought him to the Home>Servers page of the HCL.

On the left you can "Apply Filters" to help you search the listing. The first set of filters are Product Edition:


The customer selected OEM-DELL and then clicked on Apply Filters. Not a single Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge Server appeared on the list. There is a reasonable explanation for this.

XenServer currently comes in only one Product Edition, and that is Retail and must be installed to a hard drive. The OEM-DELL product edition of XenServer was first released back in 2008 and was a custom iso installed to a SD card in the server. This edition was named XenServer Enterprise Embedded and it was discontinued with the launch of XenServer 5.6 Enterprise Retail Edition back in 2010.

Engaging a filter by clicking on OEM-DELL will only reveal those systems that were certified with the XenServer Enterprise Embedded version. This excludes all Dell 12th generation PowerEdge Servers. Our recommendation is to skip the Product Edition filter leaving it on the default of "Any."

Then go to the Vendor filter and select Dell:


When you click on "apply filters" all Dell servers with a XenServer Certification will be listed. Click on the Server of your choice to see which versions of XenServer have been certified for that system.

If you are looking for Servers certified with a specific version of XenServer, include the Product Version filter:


Select the Product Version number you are planning to use in your environment and this will list out all Dell PowerEdge Servers certified for that specific version.

Comment on this post if there are other questions regarding XenServer Compatibility with Dell PowerEdge Servers.

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  • Any idea when 10Gb variations of the 12G servers will hit the list?

    We have had some interesting times with 6.1 E18+.

  • @Michael Tanenhaus, Thank you for your comment. Our assumption is Network Cards supported on Dell PowerEdge Servers listed in the NIC section of the XenServer HCL will "just work" to the extent their features are supported by XenServer. For example, Intel x540 10Gb on a Dell PowerEdge R720.