Version 5.1 of the Dell Server Management Pack Suite adds support for System Center 2012 SP1 Operations Manager and new server platforms & firmware from Dell (including the exciting Dell PowerEdge VRTX systems), in addition to other enhancements and fixes. You can find more details about the suite, which you can use to monitor Dell servers from Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) – links to detailed installation and usage instructions and lists of supported devices on our Dell TechCenter wiki page. We will be getting all the links on the wiki page updated with the latest information over this week. And while we do that, please continue to post on our forum and keep those suggestions coming in.

Let me, on behalf of the MP development team, share the highlights of the 5.1 release:

Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 support

We have qualified the suite on the latest SP1 release of System Center 2012 Operations Manager. With the SP1 release of System Center 2012 Operations Manager, you can use Windows 2012 as the operating system for your management station and managed nodes.

Update 11/15/13: Added support for System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager. Please refer to the updated online documentation for support details.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX Monitoring

You can monitor the latest Dell PowerEdge VRTX systems using the suite’s Chassis Monitoring Feature.  We now provide separate chassis views (Diagram, Alert and State Views) for Dell PowerEdge VRTX and Dell M1000e chassis.  The blade servers in the VRTX chassis can be discovered using the in-band or out-of-band monitoring features and shown under the corresponding chassis slot using the Chassis Modular Server correlation feature. You can also view the alerts related to storage monitoring  in the Dell PowerEdge VRTX Alerts View.

Latest and Greatest Dell Server Platform support

We have added support for Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA versions 6.4 through 7.3) for the In-Band monitoring feature; we also support the enhanced EEMI event mode of OMSA now. New alerts and device attributes from the latest CMC and DRAC firmware versions are also
added for the Chassis, DRAC and Out-Of-Band monitoring features.

Easier, more streamlined installer

You now need to run the installer on only any one of your management servers to get the Feature Management dashboard in the SCOM console (In the previous release, we required you to run the suite on all the management servers to get the dashboard). Also, now configuring credentials during the installation for the Dell Device Helper Utility that is part of the suite is now optional – needed only if you use a monitoring feature that needs it.

You can use the Feature Management dashboard to enable,disable and customize the suite’s Monitoring Features.

Monitoring Features

Here's a quick overview of the Dell Server Management Pack Suite’s Monitoring Features, provided on SCOM 2007 R2, SCOM 2012/SP1 and System Center Essentials 2010:  

Server (In-band) Monitoring: Using this feature, you can inventory and monitor Dell Servers running Windows through OMSA using a SCOM agent installed on the server.

Server (Out-of-band) Monitoring: You can use this feature to inventory and monitor the 12th Generation of Dell PowerEdge Servers, running any OS/Hypervisor, through the iDRAC7 controller using WSMAN and SNMP. You don’t need a SCOM agent to be installed on the server for the hardware monitoring.

Chassis Monitoring: To monitor the CMCs on Dell PowerEdge VRTX chassis and Dell M1000e chassis using SNMP. We also provide slot inventory information for the chassis.

Chassis Modular Server Correlation: You can use this feature for a drill-down view of the servers (discovered using either in-band or out-of-band monitor) installed on the slots of the chassis.

DRAC Monitoring: To monitor the Dell Remote Access Controller (DRACs –DRAC5, iDRAC6, iDRAC7…) using SNMP.

Please do visit our Dell TechCenter wiki page for more information and forum for feedback and comments.