Inktank, the company behind Ceph is hosting Ceph Days in multiple cities globally - a great opportunity to learn about their cloud storage technology.

What is Ceph?
Ceph is a fully open source, distributed object store, network block device, and POSIX-compatible distributed file system.

What are Ceph Days?
Ceph Days are a full day event dedicated to learning about the power of Ceph.You will meet and hear Sage Weil, creator of Ceph and CTO of Inktank, key community members and storage experts, on how Ceph is transforming the future of storage. There is also a hands-on Ceph installation workshop.

Whom are you targeting that event at?
Some of the titles that we are expecting include: Cloud Architect, Data Center Managers, Data Engineer/Architect, Systems Engineer/Architect, DevOps Engineer/Architect, Solutions Architect.

What can people learn at Ceph Days?

  • The basics of Ceph
  • Best practices for using Ceph
  • How Ceph works with today's cloud platforms
  • How to get started using Ceph

Where do you host these events?

  • New York City – Humphrey's at the Eventi Hotel
  • Santa Clara – Citrix Executive Briefing Center
  • London – Blue Fin Venue

How much do you charge?

  • Early Bird - $75
  • General Admission - $100

Where to find more information?
Please go to: