Dell: Can you introduce yourself?

Bruce Davie: I am a principal engineer at VMware working in the Networking and Security Business Unit. That’s a business unit that was formed after VMware acquired Nicira and so we work on network virtualization.

Q: How is VMware contributing to OpenStack?

A: As I said, the business unit I work in was formed after the acquisition of Nicira, and Nicira has actually been a contributor to OpenStack for a long time through the Quantum projects. And the technical lead of the quantum project is Dan Wendlandt who is one of my co-workers. We have been contributing to Quantum and this essentially led to that becoming a full blown part of the OpenStack project. And more recently VMware started contributing as well on the compute side, so that the VMware hypervisor (vSphere) can also now be supported within OpenStack. Those are the two main areas where VMware contributes.

Q: Do you see any differences in the way OpenStack is adopted in the emerging regions compared to developed countries?

A: I would say there's obviously lot of interest here based on the size of the crowd at events such as OpenStack Day CEE, probably 250 people. But at the same time there was relatively a small show of hands when Jonathan Bryce asked how many people have got some exposure to OpenStack. It seems like we are in the early stages here, whereas it may be a bit more of a mature market in the U.S.

Q: Okay. Thank you very much.

A: Thanks.


Brucie at VMware and Twitter.