Dell: Could you please introduce yourself?

Nikola Dipanov: I work as a senior software engineer for Red Hat and I do mostly Nova development. Nova is the compute part of OpenStack.

Q: Tell us about the Red Hat distribution of OpenStack.

A: Red Hat is coming up with own distribution of OpenStack. It’s called RDO and it is community supported. We provide very latest stable release of OpenStack and we provide community support for it. It’s supposed to be around Red Hat based platform like CentOS, Scientific Linux or Fedora. If you are interested in running or trying OpenStack on any of these platforms you should definitely check it out.

Q: What is different in the Central and Eastern Europe compared to other regions, when it comes to cloud and OpenStack?

A: I guess that definitely there is huge interest nowadays in cloud in CEE region and I think it’s in good shape. It’s maybe lagging slightly behind U.S. and Western Europe, but I don’t think that’s a problem. I see a lot of interest from universities, from Ph.D. students, from people doing their master degree and I think there is a lot of good education in this region. I think it will definitely pick up

Q: Thank you very much.