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Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1: Using Server out-of-band feature without Domain Admin privileges


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Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1: Using Server out-of-band feature without Domain Admin privileges

This post was written by Raghavendran N of the Dell OpenManage Integrations team.

Background: The Dell Server Management pack suite 5.0.1 contains the Server out-of-band management pack which is a licensed feature. The licenses are managed via the Dell Connections License Manager. To interface with the Dell Connections License manager, the management pack suite requires a valid domain user credential. The Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1 installer prompts for the credential during the installation process (shown below.)

The Dell Server Management Pack Suite 5.0.1 installation guide documents that the domain user credential should be that of a domain admin. This article clarifies that the Server out-of-band feature can be used by a domain user with least privileges and domain admin privileges are not required.


Server MP 5.0.1 installer tries to create 3 domain user groups - ‘Dell Connections License Administrators’, ‘Dell Connections License Operators’, and ‘Dell Connections License Users’. The installer tries to add the user running the installer into the ‘Dell Connections License Administrators’ group. These are pre-requisites for being able to use the licensing infrastructure for the Server out-of-band feature.

It could be possible that the above groups may not be created because the user might not have domain admin privileges. In that case, the above groups need to be manually created and appropriate domain users be added to the groups according to the role (for details, please refer to the Dell Connections License Manager 1.0 user’s guide).

Any domain user who is a part of one of the above user groups is sufficient to acquire license related information from the Dell Connections License Manager. This implies that the user need not have domain admin privileges to access the Dell Connections license related information.

Depending on how your Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager has been planned and deployed, you may want to add the Management Server Action Account (MSAA) into one of the above domain groups. This helps the workflows running directly under the MSAA to be able to acquire the Dell Connections license related information.

The product download links and product documentation are available on the Dell Server Management Pack Suite wiki page.  We encourage you to continue this conversation in the OpenManage Integrations with Microsoft SCCM and SCOM Forum if you have any comments or feedback.


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