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OpenManage Essentials v1.2 Released & Available for Download


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OpenManage Essentials v1.2 Released & Available for Download

OME Team,

We’ve been hard at work since our previous release of OME last October.  There has been a lot of attention lately around our fantastic new server platform from Dell called VRTX.  So we’re excited to bring support for this new product into our new release of OpenManage Essentials.  For companies running remote or branch offices, the combination of VRTX and OME 1.2 will be a tremendous benefit to the administrator trying to monitor devices in multiple physical locations.

The traffic and feedback on the forum has been really great to see.  It’s starting to get more of a community ‘feel’ to it.   Many of you have made OME part of your day to day operations in your datacenter, and for that we are very grateful.  You should see a good number of feature requests and fixes that you sent us show up in this new release.  We are also refreshing and launching a number of new whitepapers today on Dell TechCenter.  We have around thirty whitepapers today dedicated to OME and expect to have more on the way

Take a few minutes to view the OME 1.2 overview video and get an idea of some of the key new features in this release.

Here is a list of some of the new features to look for in OpenManage Essentials 1.2:

  • Support for Discovery, Inventory and Geographical View for Dell PowerEdge VRTX devices.
  • Addition of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 as a supported operating system for the management station.
  • Improved Searching capability.
  • Sending warranty expiration notification through email.
  • Display warranty expiration status using the scoreboard icon.
  • Adding support for Dell Compellent, Dell Force10 E-Series and C-Series, Dell PowerConnect 8100 series, Dell PowerVault FS7500, and PowerVault NX3500 devices.
  • Support for installing OpenManage Essentials on a domain controller.
  • Allow creating granular permission control based on device group.
  • Additional reports: Asset Acquisition Information, Asset Maintenance Information, Asset Support Information, and Licensing Information.
  • Addition of a device group for Citrix XenServers and Dell PowerEdge C servers in the device tree.
  • Availability of storage and controller information in the device inventory for the following client systems: Dell OptiPlex, Dell Latitude, and Dell Precision.
  • CLI support for discovery, inventory, status polling, and removal of devices from the device tree.
  • Provided more sample command line remote tasks for uninstalling OpenManage Server Administrator and applying a server configuration on multiple managed nodes.
  • Support for SUDO users in Linux for system updates and OMSA deploy tasks.
  • Display of a notification icon in the heading banner to indicate the availability of a newer version of OpenManage Essentials.
  • Support for enabling or disabling rebooting after system update for out-of band (iDRAC) system updates.
  • Support for re-running system update and OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) deployment tasks.
  • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) for iDRAC and CMC devices.
  • Ability to log on as a different user.
  • Multiple defect fixes and performance improvements.
  • …and many more...

Again, thanks for all of your feedback.  Please continue to post on the forum and keep those suggestions coming.  We will have an OpenManage Essentials Chat on July 16th at 3PM US Central so we can get your feedback and answer your questions on the release.

To find links to the OME 1.2 download and for the latest information on the product, vist the Dell TechCenter page on OpenManage Essentials.  We will be working this week to get all the links on our DellTechCenter / OME page updated with the latest information.





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  • Too bad the download of OME1.2 does not work. Dell's server has an uncanny tendency to break the connection after 2M downloaded. I have tried different ISP, different browsers and different computers at different days (since last week). and it is not giving me the whole package.

    Anybody cares to trace the server logs and fit this? Or just put it somewhere else where I can get it.

    SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box.Net are all good.

    This one is not!