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Announcing the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 on Dell PowerEdge servers


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Announcing the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 on Dell PowerEdge servers

Dell has announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.4 on Dell PowerEdge servers

Red Hat has announced the global availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 (RHEL 6.4) Operating System on 21st Feb, 2013. 

RHEL 6.4 includes driver updates, bug fixes and support for new hardware, For detailed information, please refer to RHEL 6.4 release notes

Listed are the details of some of the new hardware enablement including the driver updates for the storage & network devices with RHEL 6.4

Network Controllers:

  • Broadcom 57840 Network Daughter Card (NDC) is supported by the bnx2x has latest driver version 1.72.51-0 with RHEL6.4
  • Updated Broadcom tg3, bnx2, bnx2x and bnx2i drivers.
    • The BCM5720 and BCM5719 are supported by the tg3 has latest driver version 3.124
    • BCM 57810 and 57800 which are the Broadcom 10Gb iscsi capable 10Gb controllers are supported by the bnx2x latest driver version 1.72.51-0
  • Updated Intel igb, igbvf, ixgbe and ixgbevf, Driver for Intel 1G and 10GB Network cards.
    • The igb .ko version 4.0.1-k in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 drives the Intel i350 1GB controller.
    • The ixgbe driver version 3.9.15-k supports  the Intel x540 10Gb controller which is an  NDC option  the Rack servers, Intel x520 10Gb controller which is an NDC option on the M620 and the Intel add-on 10Gb controller.


  • Support for PCI-e SSD (solid state drive) drivers.
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 includes the mtip32xx driver (version: 1.2.6os3) which adds support for latest PCIe SSD drives.
      • RHEL 6.3 onwards Micron PCIe SSD devices has the native driver support
      • Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation server ships with PCI-e SSD devices
  • Updated Qlogic qla2xxx driver for QLogic Fibre Channel HBAs to version, which adds support for QLogic's 83XX Converged Network Adapter (CNA), 16 GBps FC support for QLogic adapters
  • The lpfc driver for Emulex Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters has been updated to version
  • The mpt2sas (H200) and megaraid_sas (PERC H310, H710 and H810 and PERC H700, H800, PERC6/ir storage controller) driver updated to upstream version containing bug fixes and performance enhancements to support on Dell’s 11th  and 12thGeneration servers.
      • megaraid_sas driver version is 06.504.01.00-rh1
      • mpt2sas driver version is
      • ata_piix  version 2.13 required for the integrated SATA controller

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