Dell: Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and what are you doing at VMware?

Yves Fauser: My name is Yves Fauser. I am a network virtualization platform system engineer working for VMware or Nicira. I'm covering the Central European and Eastern European region as a system engineer, so, basically the technical side of sales.

Q: Do you see any major differences in the way OpenStack and Cloud in general is adopted in the CEE region compared to other regions, such as Western Europe and the United states?

A: I would say yes. Basically it’s my hope. You have a lot of very bright and talented people in the CEE region that are very much into deep details and into open source. So, I guess you will be very well positioned to take a lead here instead of countries like Germany or the DACH region as a whole that is much more conservative. I would say you could take a significant leap in Eastern European countries.

Q: Can you tell about VMwares role and VMwares engagement in OpenStack?

A: VMware is backing up OpenStack a lot. Not only with the Nicira part. I think it’s clear for everybody at VMware up to the highest level that there are two stacks emerging. One is still the vertical stack where companies are looking for the solution that comes out of the box, with all the pieces coming from one company. On the other hand we have the horizontal stack, where companies are looking for best-of-breed products, and put them together into something like an OpenStack cloud or other versions of cloud that is well suited for their needs. And VMware is simply part of those movements. And the Nicira piece, so the network virtualization piece, is an important part that glues together the horizontal stack, the hypervisors at the bottom and the cloud management systems on the top with a common network structure called our network virtualization platform.

Q: Can you tell about your presentation at the OpenStack Day CEE?

A: Bruce, my colleague, has stole a little bit of my thunder because he went already in some details. But I will go into more details on how the network virtualization platform works. I will go into details on Open vSwitch, how it communicates with the control of the NVP Controller and I will go into details on how the communication is the packet flows, how our control cluster is looking like. So, more like a deep dive into the technology but still something that is accurate for this audience.

Q: Okay, Yves, thank you very much.

A: Thank you.