Dell: Can you please introduce yourself and your company?

Garima Thockchom: I'm the founder and CEO of Talligent. We're a provider of cloud metering and billing solutions.

We just came out of stealth at the OpenStack Summit in Portland announcing our integration with the OpenStack Ceilometer. The purpose of that integration is to be able to do metering in a fine-grained manner on any cloud that is running OpenStack. As you know, in a cloud environment, there's a lack of visibility in terms of actual utilization. Because it's a shared environment, people don't usually know what tenant used exactly how much resources. In that case there's a waste of resource and over-provisioning. And even though cloud is well known for its agility, there is a perception that you don't save on costs by going to cloud. What we want to do is bringing the cost benefits also to cloud by making sure that only the right-sized resources are provisioned for tenants or for workloads, so the waste is reduced in the cloud. We also have a very smart billing engine that is pretty granular in terms of what you can bill upon. That is going to be very popular with cloud service providers. So we have two products, metering and billing.

Q: Are these solutions available today?

A: Yes, they are available for sale today. We have had beta deployments that are going on quite successfully. I can't talk about them right now, but they are available for sale today.

Q: Thank you very much.

A: Thank you.