Dell: Can you please introduce yourself?

Nicolas Thomas: I work for Canonical as a sales engineer. A sales engineer at Canonical is actually an engineer who demos to customers the tools we support for OpenStack in production. Also we explain to C-level people why OpenStack is so important and why they need really to bet on it and invest in it.

Q: Why does OpenStack matter in your view?

A: It’s clear for us that the winner in the open source world is OpenStack as the Linux for the cloud and we are focusing on distributing and supporting it. We have been very involved with OpenStack since day one. And we  really bet on the success of OpenStack and we see it coming now.

Q: Can you tell us about Canonical's engagement with OpenStack? What exactly are you doing?

A: We do support OpenStack deployment and production already today. Public and private cloud deployments of OpenStack is not a science project for someday in future, it’s real and making money now. Ubuntu, our flagship product, is the reference platform.  

OpenStack is developed on Ubuntu. Also, OpenStack uses Launchpad which is our publicly available tool for managing projects, blueprints, bugs etc. It all goes in our infrastructure, so we are very close to OpenStack developers.

Q: Thank you very much.

A: Thank you.