Dell: Can you tell us what you do at SUSE?
Vincent Untz: I'm the Project Manager for SUSE Cloud. That means I'm on the technical side of the development of the SUSE Cloud product: I'm organizing the development of the product and its schedule, the features that we add and so on.

Q: What SUSE is doing with OpenStack?
A: SUSE Cloud is our product based on OpenStack and what we quickly realized, is that one of the big issues people have with OpenStack is deployment. It's really difficult to deploy OpenStack because of so many different components interacting with each other, various deployment options etc. We decided to add to OpenStack the Crowbar project that was developed initially by Dell to address those issues. So, you could summarize SUSE Cloud as OpenStack plus Crowbar and also some advanced features like Ceph.

Q: What kind of use cases are you targeting?
A: Our use case is private clouds. Companies that want to have an internal cloud for different reasons - that's really our primary use case because we have a long history working with companies. We're obviously also open to work with partners and customers targeting other use cases.

Q: What is unique about SUSE Cloud compared to other distributions?
A:  The deploying path with Crowbar is one thing which differentiates us. But what is also quite important is that SUSE is a 20 years old company and we have a long background in supporting and delivering products based on different source. When you look at the OpenStack role, there are a lot of companies delivering an OpenStack based product, but they are actually quite young and they are probably doing a good job. But when it comes to support, they don't have the experience that we have. So that's a big differentiator. In terms of what's coming next, we want to support hybrid clouds with more than one hypervisor. Right now, we support Xen and KVM. But we also want to support Hyper-V and VMware - all that in just one cloud is pretty unique.

Q: How does SUSE Cloud team with openSUSE?
A: openSUSE is a project that SUSE sponsors and it's a community distribution. What we've done is to push all of the OpenStack components in openSUSE, we've made sure that we have the same cloud base both for SUSE Cloud and openSUSE. And we're also working on making sure that Crowbar is working on openSUSE. So we're definitely pushing all of the technologies in openSUSE. What we are obviously not pushing there is the support - users will be spotted by the community.

Q: How do you handle upgrades?
A:  We released the first version of SUSE Cloud last year based on Essex and we decided not to support upgrading to next versions. That was because we knew that would be a really huge pain. I think it will be an evolution for the first few releases, expect that we will probably support upgrades by shutting down the whole cloud and reconfiguring it. The end goal is to have live upgrades where you upgrade your cloud while it’s still running. It’s work in progress, it’s difficult and big topic not just for the distributions but for OpenStack in general.

Q: Thank you Vincent for taking the time.
A: Thank you.