Dell: Can you tell us a little bit about your company?
Dan Dumitriu: I'm the co-founder and CEO of Midokura. We started about three years ago and we are a vendor providing a network virtualization solution for infrastructure and service clouds like OpenStack.

Q: Tell us about your product. Who would use it and what use cases do you target?
A: Practically any cloud service provider or private cloud deployer should use a network virtualization product with OpenStack. It provides a number of benefits like the ability to decouple your physical network from the virtual network presented to the tenants so you can remove all human intervention from the provisioning process of networks, applications and workloads that are orchestrated through Nova and Quantum. We also handle things like DNAT, stateless and stateful firewalls, DHCP, all in a fully distributed full tower manor with no bottlenecks like the network name spaces on the network nodes, routers and virtual machines, et cetera.

Q: Can you tell us about Quantum and OpenStack and how your solution fits in with that?
A: Our solution is delivered to OpenStack users as a Quantum plug-in. Tenants will interact with Quantum through the standard Quantum APIs. And that will automatically go into our plug-in, program all the virtual network state and be distributed out to the agents that implement the actual forwarding functions and such. Tenants benefit from a improved performance, and it enables the operator to architect their cloud in a more robust fashion and a lower cost as well.

Q: Thanks, Dan.
A: Thank you.


Midokura webpage
Dan at Twitter and GitHub