If you have not registered yet, there is still time.  Registration is still open and you too can register.  Things have changed a bit from last year, as this event was primarily focused around Dell’s storage products and services.  This year we are changing it up just a little, but all for the better.  As you can tell the name has changed, but the event is still going to have the same look and feel and come with the same great content you have come to expect year after year.  However, this year we have added in more of the Dell products and services to give everyone an even better view into the solutions we have to help you meet your goals.

Dell Enterprise Forum is the premier technical learning event for Dell enterprise customers and channel partners. The conference, is held annually in the US and Europe, and offers an intensive, interactive learning experience across the data center from, servers, storage, and networking to software, services, and converged solutions.

You will learn directly from the engineers, architects and other experts who design and develop Dell enterprise solutions. Plus, you get open access to experts and executive thought leaders throughout the event.

There are two different tracks, one for Customers and one for Channel partners.  Customers learn how to optimize their Dell data center technologies, preparing for the future while accelerating business results today. Channel partners discover new ways to grow their business with Dell.

Come join the Dell TechCenter crew at this year’s Dell Enterprise Forum and we will give you a special discount if you register today using our special code DEFUS13DTC